Project Outputs

Click here for the TRANSITION ANTICIPATE “Adopting a Whole System Approach to Transport Decarbonisation, Air Quality and Health” Participatory System Map (PSM). The map was created in a new FREE open source program called PRSM, which when downloaded enables you to start building your own map of your specified  system around a problem or question you would like to interrogate.

Adopting a Whole Systems Approach to Transport Decarbonisation, Air Quality and Health: An Online Participatory Systems Mapping Case Study in the UK

Click on title above to access an article for Atmosphere Special Edition regarding a project participatory system mapping (PSM) case study in the UK regarding electric Vehicles (EVs). Published March 2022.

Strategy Components Report

In recognition of the multiple interrelated sectors and transboundary relationships, Clean Air goals are explicitly aligned for co-delivery with three core Government strategies: UK Industrial Strategy, Clean Growth Strategy, and the 25-Year Environment Plan. ANTICIPATE will enable an in-depth and systems based analysis of four policies selected from these headline Government Strategies, as well as a key health strategy, the NHS Long Term Plan, therefore contributing to more robust and resilient policy making through improved situational awareness of the unintended consequences of policies, outwith the area of intended impact. To facilitate this process, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of these four strategic documents to identify key policy characteristics, scope and relationships with sources and impacts of air pollution.

NHS App Policy Briefing Document – Recommendations for mitigating air quality impacts associated with the ‘NHS App’

As per the project remit, workshops are being organised with participation from stakeholders to explore the policy proposals and their potential impacts on air quality. The first workshops for the NHS Long Term Plan strategy examined the ‘NHS App’  The Key Output of these workshops was a policy briefing document on Recommendations for mitigating air quality impacts associated with the ‘NHS App’